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5 Excellent iPhone Apps for Small Business HR

Human resources is a complex field of business that has felt many positive effects from the amount of new technologies available, specifically with the iPhone. There are several applications that can help HR persons do their jobs more effectively, especially within a small business setting, which often requires employees to have even more time management and organizational skills. Here is a list of 5 excellent iPhone Apps for small business HR.

  1. Interview Assistant Lite -- Interviewing is one of the most important things that HR professionals do. This application can help make the difficult task of deciding who is the right candidate for the job slightly easier. While it certainly isn't a substitute for personal judgement, it can help to provide a clear roadmap which will help lead to the final hiring decision. This app presents a "Do's and Dont's" section for creating interview questions, as well as a measure of the "Locus of Control" which can help employment decisions significantly.
  2. Jott for iPhone -- Many HR professionals take notes diligently. This nifty application is great because it converts voice into text. HR professionals can now easily record their thoughts about interview candidates, conflict resolution disputes, and more.
  3. Pocket Punchclock -- Pocket Punchclock is one of those applications that can just make your life easier. Essentially, it allows you to keep track of your time, diligently tracking how much you spend on certain activities. HR Professionals, especially in small business settings, often have several different projects going on at once. This applicatioin can help a busy person allot the correct amount of time to different tasks, while avoiding neglacting any important issue.
  4. HR At Your Fingertips -- This application is considered to be one of the top HR applications available today for the iPhone. HR At Your Fingertips has a list of HR terms and definitions, Federal laws, and guidance on how to create an employee handbook. Using this, persons in small business HR can have a significant help for when it comes to tough HR management decisions.
  5. PerDiem FY09 - If you are an HR person in a small business that has a salesforce, or any other traveling work force, than this application may be exactly what you need. A per diem is the allowance given to employees for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses during business trips. Many HR managers often worry about these rates. However, with this app, you can have updated rates for travel that are concurrent with US Government rates. For a small business, this can be quite the asset.

So there you have 5 excellent iPhone apps that can help your small business' HR department. HR is by no means an easy task, but with new technologies, it can be much more organized.

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