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5 Social Media Sites for Human Resource Professionals

As a Human Resource Professional, your job is to find out about the people you are hiring, and find the very best employees for your company. Technology has made your job a lot easier since through social media you can find out a lot about any and every applicant. Here are 5 social media sites your applicants use, and you should too.

  1. Facebook. Even if job applicants set all their information to private, you can get a sense of who they are as people from their Facebook picture.  However, if their information is available for anyone to see, you can find out their employment histories on the Info section of their profiles, and see if they have left any comments about their current or previous employers. And then there are always those incriminating pictures of wild nights out with friends.
  2. Linked-In. This site is for professionals to network, connect with each other, recommend each other, and post resumes and work histories online for Human Resource Professionals to find. It is one of the most important sites on the internet for publicizing yourself as an employee or as an employer. Linked-in is quickly taking the place of business cards in the professional world, and anyone who needs to be savvy about social media should be on it.
  3. Twitter. Twitter comes up easily on search engines if you want to look up a potential employee. See if the applicant uses his or her Twitter account to promote themselves professionally, share interests, and communicate with friends and business contacts, or whether he or she spends days tweeting about being miserable at work. You can tell a lot from a tweet. 
  4. Ryze is a social networking site you probably haven’t heard of. It’s a business networking community, like Linked-in, that allows users to organize themselves by interests, current and past employers, as well as location. There are networks of writers, a Bangalore Business network, and a small business network among many others. This could be an up and coming head-hunting site.
  5. Here is a social media site designed specifically for HR professionals to share ideas with one another, tips, web sites, and war stories. Social media isn’t just for researching job applicants, you should also be using it to enhance your own career and improve your job performance through networking with other HR workers.
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